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 Laminate flooring is made up of different layers which results in a very hardwearing floor covering.

The bottom layer is the stabilizing layer which gives the flooring its stability.
The middle being the core layer made from high density fibreboard (HDF) or medium density fibreboard  (MDF), which is treated with resins to make it extremely hard. To prevent the flooring from being penetrated by moisture, most manufacturers also apply a moisture resistant resin to the core.
Then comes a decorative paper layer (DPL) which gives the floor its unique individual appearance, ranging from natural wood styles to ceramic, stone and tile designs.
Finally there is the top wear layer made from highly wear resistant material which makes the flooring so hard wearing. This makes the floor highly resistant to stains, scratches and dents.

Laminate flooring mimics the look of natural wood flooring whilst offering an easy installation clic system which has been adopted by most manufacturers allowing for a fast and easy fit. Laminate flooring is a floating floor which means it does not fasten to any sub-floor, simply the planks are clicked together and the floor can be walked on straight away. You will however firstly need to lay down an underlay which has a built in damp proof membrane if you are laying over a concrete sub-floor to protect the flooring.

Laminate flooring has vastly improved in recent years with new designs, styles and finishes. Laminate flooring is a great addition to any home, especially in area’s of high use due to its durability. Easy to install and affordable, a good quality laminate floor once laid can now look as good as the real thing.