WorkPro Life


  • Stays in shape – the compression-resisting foam of WorkPro Life always makes sure your floor’s fully supported, however heavy the load.
  • Shhh! Underlay at work – WorkPro Life’s dense material gives it brilliant impact and sound insulation…so you’ll notice a real difference in noise levels.
  • Longer-lasting performance – the structure of the crosslinked, closed cell polyolefin foam is designed for durability – so WorkPro Life just goes on and on and on…

The foam material is really light and easy to carry, making installation so much easier.

Thanks to good thermal Insulation this is an underlay that helps your room feel warmer.

There’s less cleaning up after installation too, as WorkPro Life is a dust-free underlay.


  • Sound Reduction
  • Compression Recovery
  • Hard Wearing
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Flooring Specifications



Moisture Protection

Sound Reduction

Hard Wearing


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  • WorkPro Tack

    • Fit it fast! Covered by a peelable protective film, the strong adhesive on one side of WorkPro Tack means fitting’s much easier than traditional nailing and gluing – so it’s installed in double-quick time!
    • Stays in shape longer – with all the compression-resisting benefits of physically crosslinked polyolefin foam, WorkPro Tack is not only extremely durable but always makes sure your floor’s fully supported, however heavy the load.
    • Quiet please… WorkPro Tack also has excellent sound reduction of 20dB – you’d be amazed what a difference that can make with wooden and laminate floors, keeping noise levels more comfortable in any room.

    WorkPro Tack is not only quick to install, it’s light and easy to manouevre – saving you even more time!


    • Sound Reduction
    • Compression Recovery
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  • WorkPro Slot

    • Bond…max bond – the unique pre-cut perpendicular slots let you put beads of high strength elastic adhesive directly onto the subfloor, for the perfect bond with the floor covering.
    • Keep in shape  – WorkPro Slot recovers quickly from compression – in other words, it always makes sure your floor’s fully supported under even the heaviest load.
    • That warm feeling – by allowing a bond between the floor and subfloor, WorkPro Slot is ideal for laying over underfloor heating systems built into the subfloor.

    The foam material’s light and easy to move around, helping to save time on installation.

    WorkPro Slot is also fire retardant…to give you added peace of mind.


    • Compression Recovery
    • Underfloor Heating
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