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Barrier Plus


      • Dry as a bone – Barrier Plus has a vapour barrier on both sides and a double overlap, so you’re even better protected against rising moisture to keep your room bone dry.
      • Impact protection – perfect support not only feels good under your feet, but protects your floor against excess wear and even high impact damage.
      • Lightening the load – the lightweight material makes it a breeze to lift and move around…saving time and effort during installation.

    The advanced moisture barrier gives this underlay even better resistance to fungi, mould and bacteria.

    Dust-free installation means Barrier Plus is cleaner and easier to work with…and there’s less clearing up afterwards.

    The 100% recyclable polyethylene foam makes this underlay very eco-friendly and kinder to the environment.



  • Cushioning
  • Moisture Protection
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Flooring Specifications

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Moisture Protection


Brand Accessories

  • Quicktherm underlay

    • The underfloor heating underlay – QuickTherm’s unique perforated design and ultra low tog value of just 0.35 means your underfloor heating system works more efficiently to keep you toasty!
    • Lifelong supporter – the very dense closed cell polyethylene material can take heavy loads long-term, fully supporting your floor to protect it and keep it in good shape for a longer life.
    • Light fantastic – it may be no lightweight in performance, but QuickTherm’s certainly easy and safe to lift and handle thanks to its ultra-lightweight foam.

    Being dust free means QuickTherm is cleaner and easier to install, with less clearing up needed afterwards.

    The PE foam is very eco-friendly, being 100% recyclable – so in the long run it’s better for the planet as well as your home!


    • Underfloor Heating
    • Hard Wearing
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    £51.00 per roll
  • TimberTech Silver Plus

    Top quality acoustic underlay with 3mm thick natural rubber

    • All the stability you need – The high density, fleece-backed natural rubber is extremely stable and prevents movement in your flooring, reducing wear and tear.
    • Shhh! Underlay at work – This is an underlay with real acoustic performance thanks to its thick materials, cutting down noise levels to make any room more comfortable.
    • Dry as a bone –  Don’t worry about moisture rising up from the sub-floor – the silver vapour barrier film protects your floor covering against damp.

         Best for

    • Moisture Protection
    • Sound Reduction
    • Compression Recovery
    • Underfloor Heating
    • Hard Wearing
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  • TimberTech Acoustic Plus

    Heavyweight natural rubber underlay with outstanding noise reduction

    • The sound of silence… – Timbertech Acoustic Plus has an exceptional impact sound insulation level of 27dB – really bringing down noise levels in the room and making it a better place to be.
    • Protects against moisture – The gold vapour barrier stops your floor covering being damaged by moisture rising up from the sub-floor.
    • Heavyweight champ –  The heavy mass stability of Timbertech Acoustic Plus means your floor’s always fully supported, reducing the wear and tear to it, whatever a pounding it takes.

         Best for

    • Cushioning
    • Moisture Protection
    • Sound Reduction
    • Level Floors
    • Commercial Use
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